Welcome to my Blog! This is the official space designated to my “tellin’ it like it IS” on a host of topics that are dear to my heart and are the soul of my journey.  These topics are primarily dedicated to the journey of my daily meditation practice; my experiences as an Intuitive Life Coach and the installations I create as a Creative Artist. I’ll also discuss what being @Peace is all about! As I grow in this new expression of myself, so will my page; you’ll find articles, pictures, videos journals and clips along the way.  Don’t just take my word for it, you’ll also hear and read articles from special invited guests who will contribute to my page from time to time.  I’ve been an avid meditator since 1994 and have taught the technique professionally, from infants to adults, for daycares to universities throughout the United States for nearly 20yrs.  Oh my, the profound results I’ve witnessed, the stories I can tell, and the techniques I’ve learned, are endless! Now, WE can grow and learn from these experiences together!

When I was a teenager I remember Oprah Winfrey celebrating her 40th birthday on her show.  She was so excited to be turning the Big 4.0.  I watched as she had one celebrity guest after another showers her with well wishes and pearls of wisdom for her to remember as she entered her next chapter in life.  From then on, I too was excited about what turning 40 could mean for my own life.  Questions began to circulate: “How would I age?”… “Who would I become?”… “Where did I see myself by then?”… A LOT has transpired in my life between that time and my Big 4.0; some things were joyous, some things were painful, yet I can now appreciate that it was all necessary for my journey’s unfoldment.  I too experienced this huge lift in vibration, as I crossed the threshold of my 40th Earthday! A tremendous sense of confidence and accomplishment came over me at that time, that felt a lil something like this:  “I’m no one’s Goddess or Guru.  I like admitting that I don’t know everything, yet I also like admitting that I Know what I Know!”  That revelation made me feel 10ft taller and gave me the boost of energy I needed to go on to become a U.S. Delegate in Dublin, Ireland less than a year later.  I used meditation to help manage my anxiety on those over a million viewer interviews, massive public appearances and countrywide rallies.  My chops as a mediations instructor have been sharpened each time I gave birth to my six children; an emergency C-section, 5 natural births after C-section; with a water birth in 2007 and an orgasmic birth in 2010.  Yet, the profound benefits of meditation found me back in 1998, as I grieved the murder of my 6-month old daughter, Oyin on our first Thanksgiving Eve.  The news media swarmed my apartment for nearly two weeks, my relatives and friends were devastated, angry and confused, and my life as I’d come to know it, became unrecognizable.  My meditation practice, has helped me to hear my own inner voice, how to trust it and has deepened my spiritual connection to my daughter and to life.  The greatest gift of my journey so far is the spontaneity of it all! An elder said to me once “Young lady the only thing you can count on to be constant in life is Change! You can always count on things to change”; and meditation is the vehicle to ride out every one!



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